UTAH COUNTY, Utah - A 2-year-old boy came to the rescue of his twin brother who was trapped underneath a dresser that had toppled over last Thursday.

The entire incident was caught on a nanny cam.

The video shows the two boys playing in the dresser when it falls over, trapping Brock Shoff underneath.

His brother Bowdy spends 30 seconds trying to figure out how to help. At first he tries to lift the dresser up, but it was too heavy. He then pushes it a few times, allowing his brother to wiggle free.

Both boys are fine and the dresser is now securely fastened to the wall.

"Everybody needs to bolt down their dressers to the wall," warned Kayli Shoff, the boys' mom. "I mean, we just didn't think about it. If you don't do it today or tomorrow you're never going to do it, because it's something you'll put off. So you need to do it today or tomorrow and just get it done. Put it in your schedule and just tie it down."

Shoff says she spent a couple of days debating if she should release the dramatic video. She decided to share it in order to raise awareness about the dangers of unsecured dressers.