Buffalo, NY -  From our 2 On Your Side Tipline comes the story of a North Buffalo woman who is recovering after suffering a serious head injury outside a bar in Allentown. She was supposed to be celebrating her birthday but instead ended up in the emergency room.  She shared her story with the hope that someone will come forward to identify the person responsible.

Her dogs now comfort Aysha Glorioso after the ordeal she suffered early Easter Sunday morning. The scar on her forehead still tells the story.  It started on a happy note with a group of her friends and rugby teammates celebrating her 29th birthday at the Funky Monkey Bar on Allen Street.  As she puts it, "We were just out looking for a night of fun...and that's the last thing we got out of it."
A fight broke out between two men and bouncers cleared the bar. They ordered everyone out on the street. Apparently that included the two fighting men.
Then the incident happened as Aysha stood outside with her friends. She says "Everyone was trying to figure out what we were going to do and she just saw something going flying...something bounce off my head and I fell to a knee."   That 'something' was a brick or paving stone which one of the men had suddenly thrown at the other. But it missed and hit her.  That person apparently fled.
Aysha Glorioso ended up at ECMC for treatment of the serious head wound. She does not remember much of what happened and now suffers pain.  She also feels frustration even as she keeps smiling and tries to maintain her positive attitude on life. As she puts it  "I absolutely love the city and would never expect anything like this out of it. And it was just unfortunate given the crowd of people and how bad and terrible my luck was."
Buffalo Police say investigators are following leads with surveillance video to track down the man responsible. And Asha now feels this way "That person is still out there. And to think that solving an argument with whatever it was...you know be it a brick, a paver..whatever it was...for that to be OK with someone is what's most terrifying and that person's still out there."  
Buffalo Police are also referring us to their BPD Confidential Tipline at  847 - 2255. That's for anyone who saw this fight around 2:45 Sunday morning in that first block of Allen off Main Street.  
We were not able to reach the owner of the Funky Monkey Bar.