BUFFALO, N.Y. – Buffalo Common Councilman Rasheed Wyatt of Buffalo's University District hosted a public hearing Thursday on red light cameras. He is exploring the idea of installing them in Buffalo.

The cameras, installed at intersections, would take pictures of vehicles which run red lights, and tickets would then be issued to the owners of the vehicles.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown has been down this road before. Years ago, he decided not to move forward with a proposal for red light cameras after hearing from the public. And if the city does get red light cameras, there's a legislative process that needs to be followed. Mayor Brown says he went to the state legislature several years in a row before it granted the city permission to install the cameras, but because public opinion was so split, the Mayor decided not to move forward with a red light camera proposal.

Instead, the city installed more city surveillance cameras to address public safety.

“What's your opinion on red light cameras coming to Buffalo?" asked 2 On Your Side’s Kelly Dudzik Thursday night.

"This is Councilmember Wyatt's proposal. I know Councilmember Wyatt is taking the approach that he wants to hear from the community. He is really looking for the community to weigh in and say whether they support the proposal or don't support the proposal before he actually makes a decision to introduce the legislation into the City Council, and I support that approach by Councilmember Wyatt to listen to the public," said Mayor Brown.

So, expect more public debate and a lot more time to go by before a decision is made. Wyatt hasn't written up any legislation on this yet. At this point it's just an idea that's being explored.