LACKAWANNA, N.Y. – Officials in Lackawanna want something to be done about abandoned, run-down homes, or what leaders are calling them: “Zombie Homes.” 

City officials targeted one home in particular Wednesday on Kirby Avenue, which was purchased and owned by Wells Fargo. The home which was foreclosed on a year-and-a-half ago is vacant and deteriorating. 
Lackawanna Mayor Geoffrey Szymanski says he wants something to be done about the home. He has contacted the bank asking to get it fixed but says he’s had no cooperation from them. Szymanski is concerned with the impression these zombie homes give off to potential home buyers.
"This is bringing down our neighborhoods, not just Lackawanna, not just Western New York, but all of New York State, by having banks absent on their obligations of what they're supposed to be doing."
Szymanski also said that the state appointed a referee to move the process a year ago, but nothing has happened since. The next step, according to Szymanski, is for the state to put pressure on Wells Fargo to fix up the house or sell it. 
2 On-Your-Side has reached out to Wells Fargo, and they provided the following response:
“Wells Fargo does not own the Kirby Avenue property and has had no connection to it since servicing of the mortgage loan was transferred to BSI Financial in 2012.  As the servicer of the mortgage for the past five years, BSI would be responsible for any property maintenance issues during that time.”