BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Tuesday, young leaders of tomorrow got together to talk about power, privilege and respect.

Teenagers at the National Federation for Just Communities Youth Leadership Conference had a unique and important perspective on today's challenges.

2 On Your Side asked them: what's their biggest problem, and how can it be fixed?

"My generation has all this new technology, all this social media, but with that comes all the bad news, all the fake news," said Caleb Grahm, 18. "Kids my age do not, even adults have no idea it's fake news, so they read these articles, and they spread it to other people their age."

"Now you have these phones and you see it, phones are a good thing," said Mari McCoy, 18. "They show what's happening. But once you do that share and you're thinking, 'I did enough. That's my part of the day. This is what I have done. I've made a change.' No. [It's about] speaking up about this."

Watch the video above by 2 On Your Side photojournalist Bob Mancuso for more.