NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. -- The little boy who was attacked by two Rottweilers last month in Niagara Falls returned home from the hospital Thursday.

Kaeden Mitchell, 7, and his mom were greeted by about a dozen family members and friends. He made it home one month and one day after the attack that left him severely injured.

His family says he's doing much better, but his recovery is far from over.

He's been through five surgeries and will likely need more, including skin grafts. While in the hospital, Kaeden had a stroke and was in a medically induced coma for a time. He still has several bandages, staples, and stitches. He's on blood thinners and infection is still a concern. He also has to wear a neck brace because he has some spine damage. He'll have doctors visits twice a week for several months as he continues to heal.

"I'm just very thankful. I want to keep making donations up to the hospital for the other children that are up there. Kaeden, actually, he was getting presents and he was donating most of them to Child Life and stuff like that, which I think was a beautiful thing. Very emotional," says Kaeden's sister, Jamie Avino.

He was bitten all over his body, but despite the most severe injuries to his head, eyes and ears, his vision and hearing are great, according to his grandparents.

His family said his spirit is unbelievable given all that he's been through. They say Kaeden has been worried about his mom this whole time -- one of the reasons he didn't admit to her that he remembered the attack.