BUFFALO -- At just 11 years old, and going into the 6th grade, Sheldon Gibbs has put together quite the resume, operating a successful bow tie business, with his mom, called Classic Knot.

"It's wonderful, I love the feel of being in business," Gibbs said.

REPORTER: Has it always been an interest for you to get into this line of work with the bow ties?

"Um, well, yes, I tried many different things like other adventures, but I told my mom I wanted to do this," Gibbs said.

REPORTER: How did you learn how to sew?

"Well, we looked at the YouTube videos and stuff," he said.

REPORTER: Wow, so just from YouTube videos, you and your mom learned how to sew?

"Yes, we learned different ways and stuff like that," he said.

Classic Knot has been in business for more than a year. Everything is run out of their house. Sheldon says they have sold bow ties all over the country.

"Things have been going great, just want to have happy customers," he said.

REPORTER: Does he provide vacation, health insurance and 401K yet?

"Not quite yet, but he's working on it," said Rhonda Woods, Sheldon's mom.

On Saturday, Sheldon is giving back. Over the past few weeks he's been organizing a backpack giveaway, before school starts. He's collected 500 backpacks, along with paper, pencils and markers from Walmart and Say Yes Buffalo.

"Wanted to help the kids be prepared for the first day of school, I feel that being prepared helps you to be a better learner," he said.

REPORTER: How proud are you of him?

"I'm very proud of Sheldon, certainly he has proved himself to be quite the businessman at 11 years old. He's a pretty good kid," Woods said.

The backpack giveaway will be at New Hope Church of God Saturday from noon to 2 p.m. New Hope is located at 175 Woodlawn Ave. on the East Side. It's first come first served. There will be food, a DJ, and a lot fun, all for a good cause.