Bennington, NY – A Wyoming County family has been left in need after a flash flood on Thursday left them unable to live in their Graff Road home.

"It came through very quick and within an hour it was flooded completely around this house,” said Dale D'Arconte, a disabled veteran of the U.S Army who served in Operation Desert Storm.

After firefighters were able to pump out the basement of their home, which was completely filled with water up to the floor joists, a utility company removed the electrical service because the water had gotten into the circuit breaker box.

Not long after, a building inspector came by and condemned their home.

“They came and put a sticker on our house and said we can’t live here," said Dale’s wife Debra, who works part time in order to be able to assist her husband contend with a variety of health issues while caring for their special needs child.

To make matters worse, Dale got some bad news from his insurance company.

“They said because I have no flood insurance, they won’t cover it. They said I don’t live in a flood zone,” said Dale.

The family received a $750 dollar debit card from the Red Cross for food and lodging, and are staying for now in a budget motel in Batavia.

“At this time we don’t know what we're gonna do. We're Hoping for help from somebody," Debra said

"It's not even for me to ask. I've had to learn to do things things on my on my own. And we try to help others," said Dale.

"But this time....," he began to say before his voice trailed off and he stopped to gather his emotions, "...this time I do need help....It's too much for me to do."

The D'Arcontes are hoping to find an electrical contractor and one specializing in cleanup and mold inspection, who might be able to work with them on pricing, in order to at least be able to get back into their home.