West Seneca, NY - The West Seneca.supervisor's new budget plan is under discussion with a significant pay hike on the line for her. After a Tipline call to 2 on Your Side , we followed up by asking her about the nearly $17,000 dollar increase . That's in a spending plan where town residents may face a boost in their taxes as well.

West Seneca Supervisor Sheila Meegan says, "The job I'm doing justifies the increase."

That 's her perspective when it comes to the line item in the proposed 2017 town budget which calls for a $16,900 dollar increase for the supervisor's position. It would take her pay from just over $63,000 dollars to an even $80,000 dollars.

2 On Your Side asked her, "That does seem like a pretty hefty pay hike in one shot...you gotta admit?

Meegan replied "Again...the job that we're doing is justified. I would offer you the fact that you can look at other municipalities of exact population and look what we're getting done in town. When you look at that increase it probably would appear to be a large increase, but I'd have to say it's a justified increase."

A supervisor salary survey for other Erie County towns shows that 80 thousand could be in the ballpark or a little more than some towns. Some Amherst town board members recently suggested a 25-thousand dollar raise for their supervisor which he opposes. And Lancaster is suggesting a small two percent supervisor pay raise.

Supervisor Meegan says West Seneca does not offer health care coverage for her position and there's been no supervisor raise since 2005.

But there's another point to her budget plan. We asked: "If this budget goes through, it calls for a four percent tax increase and you're getting a salary increase...what would you say to people concerning that?"

Meegan replied: "You're right and we're still working on the budget. The budget is a document that...it's a working document. Those values may go down."

Town Councilman Eugene P. Hart stresses that the town budget is tentative and they hope to reduce the tax rate.

He adds he is "keeping an open mind" on the supervisor's pay increase proposal with the point that there may be valid arguments for it.

There will be a public budget hearing set for October 24th at West Seneca Town Hall.