BUFFALO, NY-- Two workers had to be rescued following a scaffolding incident at the construction site for the new University at Buffalo (UB) Medical School Monday.

The developer, LP Ciminelli, says the construction workers were at the sixth floor installing insulation from the outside of the building, when all of a sudden a motor on the scaffolding stopped working.

The company says backup harnesses that workers are trained to use were activated immediately.

The workers were up there for several minutes and a boom lift was called in to rescue the workers and bring them down safely.

"It's scary, unfortunate, all the above," said Bill Mahoney, a vice president for LP Ciminelli. "Everyone's heart was definitely in their throat."

UB says those two workers, who are with a construction company out of Pennsylvania were not hurt, and they have been given the rest of the day off.

REPORTER: Was this the first time this has ever happened to your knowledge, at this building?

"We've been working with these pieces of equipment for months on site with no problems at all -- they have daily inspection that it goes through," Mahoney said.

All scaffolding work was suspended for the day and will resume Tuesday. The daily inspections are done by the company itself -- A.C. Dellovade, which is based out of Pennsylvania. And, the company is doing a full investigation. As a result of this incident, OSHA will also investigate.