TOWN OF TONAWANDA -- Town of Tonawanda Police investigated a possible abduction at 2255 Military Road Saturday.

According to witnesses, an African American woman in her early 20s was approached by a black man in the gas station's parking lot when they started to argue. A grey Kia Sedona with some damage to the front bumper and an unknown operator was parked nearby as the woman and man argued, officials said.

The woman was wearing a black hoodie and black pants and the man, believed to be about 6 feet tall, was wearing a white T-shirt and black pants.

The argument escalated until the man and woman began to fight physically. They struggled and as they fought, the man forced the woman into the open sliding door of the Kia Sedona, police say.

The man then got into the vehicle, closed the door and drove away.

On Sunday at about 2 p.m., the woman involved in the incident came to the front desk of the Town of Tonawanda Police Department.

Officials verified her well-being and she told police she was not in danger. She said the incident involved a verbal and domestic matter.