WEST SENECA, N.Y. -- A police officer and a woman suspected of shoplifting went into Cazenovia Creek Sunday afternoon, according to a West Seneca Hose Assistant Chief. 

Officers responded to a report of the woman shoplifting from the TOPS Markets store on Orchard Park Road, West Seneca Police say. 

Two police officers chased the woman, who then went into Cazenovia Creek. One of the officers went in after her. 

Although the creek was running rather quickly, they were able to come up on the other side behind the Seneca Health Care Center off of Seneca Street in West Seneca. 

The Seneca Hose Fire Department responded to the scene to assist.

The woman and police officer were taken to a local hospital after the incident, mainly for observation. They were then treated and released. 

The woman's name and any charges she may face have not been provided. 

Correction: Earlier information from an assistant fire chief who was on scene said the suspected shoplifter came from the West Seneca Wegmans on Orchard Park Road. West Seneca Police later corrected they responded to the TOPS Markets store on Orchard Park Road, not the Wegmans.