WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Michael Caputo, a political communications expert from East Aurora who was an aide to the Trump campaign, appeared before a U.S. House committee Friday to deny he knew of any contacts between the campaign and Russia, something the committee is investigating.

After nearly 3 hours of questioning from members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Caputo told reporters he never met with any Russian officials while he was part of the campaign. He even joked that he didn't like Russian dressing.

"To my knowledge I never spoke about his campaign with anyone remotely associated with the Russian government," Caputo said according to the opening statement he made public.

Caputo has ties to Russia and formerly lived and worked in the country. His name first came up as part of the Russia investigation when a Democratic Congresswoman from California accused him of being Vladimir Putin's "image consultant" in the United States, a charge Caputo denies.

Caputo was asked about the latest revelations in the investigation that key members of the Donald Trump's campaign -- his son, his son-in-law and his campaign chairman -- met in June 2016 with a Russian lawyer who had been expected to deliver damaging information about Hillary Clinton that came directly from the Russian government.

Friday, NBC News was first to report a former Soviet counterintelligence officer also attended the meeting, something Donald Trump, Jr. failed to reveal in an interview after the meeting became public.

"This is everything," the president's son said in a Fox News interview on Tuesday. "This is everything."

Caputo said he has not been in contact with the FBI, but he said he would be happy to clear up any "collusion delusion".