BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Monday was a busy day in Washington D.C., primarily to do with two issues: Russia's potential interference with the recent presidential election, and the allegation that former president Obama wiretapped Trump tower.

James Comey, director of the FBI, was called to Capitol Hill to testify.

He said there is no information to support the claim that Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped.

He also said the FBI is investigating potential Russian involvement in the 2016 election.

In the hearing, Congresswoman Jackie Speier argued Russia's Vladimir Putin is like a spider. And in his web, she said, are several people connected to President Trump -- including Western New Yorker Michael Caputo.

Caputo ran Carl Paladino's unsuccessful campaign for governor and was a host of the political show "2 Sides" on WGRZ. He owns a public relations firm.

Last year, Caputo was an advisor to Trump, although he resigned after sending out a controversial tweet.

Today, Speier asked the directors of the FBI and NSA specifically about Caputo and his Russian ties.

In 2000, Caputo worked with Gazprom Media, a subsidiary of the Gazprom Oil Company, majority-owned by the Russian government.

Caputo's job, he had said, was to improve Putin's image in the U.S.

Caputo has been described as a protégé of Roger Stone, the long-time Trump adviser who admits he had conversations with a Russian-linked hacker behind the stolen emails during the campaign, and WikiLeaks, which published the emails.

Early Monday, Caputo agreed to do an interview with 2 On Your Side, but after his name came up, he declined, and reiterated what he posted on Twitter -- that the congresswoman "has it all wrong. There's no substance whatsoever to her politically motivated insinuations about me."