BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A Western New York veteran has been inducted into the New York Senate Veterans' Hall of Fame after his actions in 2014 saved several soldiers, according to the Office of New York State Senator Cathy Young.

Major Patrick Miller, who is from Allegany, was wounded on that April day in 2014. At the time, he was acting as a Brigade Comptroller/S8 for the 1st Medical Brigade in Fort Hood. It was the end of his workday when he suddenly heard shots fired outside his office. He ran into the hallway and saw a man who he thought was looking for safety, but instead was the gunman. The man shot Miller two-inches below his heart. The bullet tore through his colon and smashed a rib.

Miller could shove past the gunman and he then went back to his office and dialed 911. He then gathered several co-workers into the safety of his locked office. They waited there for around 45 minutes until Miller could get to an ambulance. It took intensive surgeries and two weeks in the ICU to help Major Miller recover from his wounds.

For his valor, Major Miller was awarded the Soldier's Medal, the highest noncombat honor awarded in the Army, according to the Senator's Office.

In September, he was also able to meet President Barack Obama, and show off his family.