BUFFALO, N.Y. --- Glasses that can protect your eyes while witnessing the solar eclipse Monday are a hot ticket these days, so many places are selling out of them.

Thursday, that included a store with two Western New York locations that had just gotten new shipments: Delaware Camera with a location at 2635 Delaware Ave in Buffalo and at 7474 Transit Road in Williamsville.

The glasses were being sold for $8 a piece.

"I guess I've seen them online for like dirt cheap, but the ones that are dirt cheap online may or may not be the right ones," said Mark Miller of Delaware Camera. "So we've got the good ones in, they're 8 bucks, and I'm sure 8 bucks are worth having your eyesight after the eclipse, right?"

Delaware Camera said via a Facebook post Friday evening they had sold out of the new glasses shipments, however if you leave them a message with a phone number, they will let you know when a new shipment arrives.