BUFFALO, N.Y. -- President Trump's first address to a Joint Session of Congress Tuesday inspired reactions across the country, including in Western New York.

Several local lawmakers shared their thoughts on the speech Tuesday.

Congressman Tom Reed, a Republican Trump supporter, said he was impressed and believed it showed Trump's true concern for the American people.

"Knowing the President, what you saw today is what I've seen," he said. "His genuineness, his showing of heart and caring for the American people. He set the right tone -- it's about optimism, it's about opportunity for all Americans."

Another local lawmakers and a long-time Trump supporter, Rep. Chris Collins, did not comment on camera Tuesday after the speech.

Congressman Brian Higgins, a Democrat, shared this statement critical of the speech, saying it lacked detailed plans on how the Trump administration would carry out many promises made to the American people:

“Taking away healthcare, building walls, attacking hard-fought civil rights, catering to Wall Street influence, abandoning our allies and allowing for the pollution of air and water – these are not the accomplishments I want for my country or my community. In the United States of America facts matter, accountability matters, and policies that seek to satisfy the greater good of all people matters. Generations before us toiled to lay the foundation for this good and generous nation. We must not forget the sweat, tears and sacrifices that have contributed to a more perfect union as we continue the fight to do better each and every day.”