TONAWANDA, N.Y. - A Tonanwanda native is thankful to be alive after running for her life along with the rest of the crowd when the shooting started at the Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas.

Reid's new cover photo on Facebook shows the Mandalay Bay Hotel with the banner calling for viewers to Pray for Las Vegas. Reid is a 1988 Tonawanda High School graduate now living and working as an assistant school principal in the suburban Los Angeles community of Riverside, California.

Reid was with friends at the concert in front of the Mandalay Bay Hotel when the bursts of gunfire rang out.
Reid told us she dropped to the ground with the rest of the crowd to take cover and then ran to jump over a metal fence with many others. She was not shot; Reid only suffered minor scratches, bruises, and bumps ,as she puts it.

She did not want to do a direct recorded interview, but her Western New York school friend, Chuck Gilbert, did speak on camera on her behalf.

"When the shooting started, she was down on the ground, and one of the girls got hit next to her, and she was laying in her lap bleeding, and she held with her until paramedics came," Gilbert said.

Reid told 2 On Your Side that the injured woman was only a few feet behind her, when that woman was shot in the head and hand, and they wrapped her wounds in a towel.

Reid said she and her friends then hid behind dumpsters and storage bins because they heard rumors there were multiple shooters. A friend's phone app picking up police scanners helped them to know the lone shooter was down.

Reid says her hotel at the Luxor was locked down. They spent a sleepless night with another friend at the MGM hotel.

"She's doing okay for the trauma that she's been under. That's a horrifying experience. She was shaken up really bad," Gilbert said.

Reid says she is back home in Riverside, California, now and will return to her job at her school Wednesday.

Erin Reid wants to reassure friends that she was not wounded and asks that those concerned direct their prayers at those suffering terrible losses in Las Vegas.