BUFFALO, N.Y. -- All across the country Tuesday, people worked to highlight an ongoing problem.

That's the disparity in pay between men and woman for Pay Equality Day.

Why Tuesday? Because at 94 days into 2017, the average woman will have only just now made as much money this year and last as the average man did in 2016 alone.

Local leaders and activists held an event to highlight Pay Equality Day at the Rath Building in Buffalo.

Advocacy groups here say women working full time in Erie County earn about 80 percent of what men do.

"It really is unjust," said Sheri L. Scavone, Executive Director of the Western New York Women's Foundation. "There's no excuse for undervaluing one human being's worth than less than another's. It's a setup for losing out on the greatest resource we have, which is the human resource and the perspective that women bring to their work."

There was also a panel discussion with local stakeholders discussing the issue at the event Tuesday.