ALDEN, N.Y. -- Later this year, beef producers in the U.S. will have access to the Chinese market for the first time since 2003, and Western New York cattle farmers are excited for the change.

"It will mean great opportunities for beef producers," said Brenda Bippert. She's owner of WBB Farm in Alden and also executive secretary of the New York Beef Producers Association.

Brenda's farm is a fourth generation family business. She says beef cattle farming is a growing industry in Western New York, especially as some closed, smaller dairy farms are converted to beef cows.

Philip Trowbridge, vice president of the association, says New York State's beef cattle farms have a distinct advantage.

"We actually have better grazing, better grass here than most any place in the country," Trowbridge said.

No matter the size of the farm, Trowbridge said all beef producers will benefit from the expansion into China.

This new export market could also have an impact in terms of retail prices at the grocery store.

"It'll be a plus for prices," Trowbridge said. "There's no question."

2 On Your Side talked with livestock economist John Nalivka with Sterling Marketing out of Oregon. He said to expect higher retail prices due to an increase in demand.

The U.S. beef industry has lobbied for years to get access to the Chinese market. Earlier this year, President Trump and Chinese President Xi announced the agreement to allow U.S. beef into the communist country.

Nalivka says he expects the regulatory challenges to be addressed in the coming weeks, and then cattle farmers like Bippert should have access to China shortly thereafter.

"It's great news," Bippert said.