CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – “What is up with the lights on the 33?”

It’s a question viewers asked over and over again after noticing several lights out on the Kensington Expressway.

The majority of the lights out are on the expressway in the Town of Cheektowaga. 2 On Your Side's Claudine Ewing looked into this issue in February and then again in May.

Highway Superintendent Mark Wegner said Wednesday morning a crew went out and found a trip in the breaker.

It has been reset. Meanwhile, there are 24 bulbs farther down the roadway that are awaiting replacement.

Wegner expects those to be replaced within 3-weeks to a month.

“You have to coordinate with the town and state," Wegner said. "This is our busy season, this is their busy season, so to get up on the 33, we have to coordinate it when they can get up there, and there's only certain times we can get up there."

On the stretch of the expressway that runs through the City of Buffalo, National Grid is responsible for the bulbs.

A spokesman says there are 30-bulbs out and they could be replaced as soon as this Saturday.

The lights on the expressway end at the entrance to the 90.