BUFFALO, N.Y. — What will happen to the Old Children's Hospital on Bryant Street? Developers Sinatra and Company Real Estate and Ellicott Development are expected to finalize purchasing the property.

Here's an early snapshot of what developers shared with residents in the Elmwood and Delaware Avenue neighborhoods near the old hospital.

The old hospital may consist of 240-apartments, a boutique hotel,
along with mixed use retail. Where Hodge Pediatrics was located, an early proposal is for it to become an early childhood center.

A grocery store is also said to be part of the plan, changing the face of the neighborhood.

Developer Nick Sinatra told 2 On Your Side the plans for the site.

"Residential for lease, for sale, townhomes for sale, some retailer restaurant commercial space, hotel, it's going to be fantastic," he said. "There's going to be a grocery store anchor that was part of my original proposal. We are talking to a number of grocers right now and are hoping to start right away on it."

He also said that the deal is done, the contract is signed, they're just waiting to close and that could happen next week