BUFFALO, NY — This week, Buffalo plays host to the 12th annual Colored Musicians Club Jazz Festival.

This year, it's a celebration 100 years in the making, as the Colored Musicians Club celebrates its 100th year.

The Colored Musicians Club, local 533 of the A.F.of M., was formed in February of 1917 as a way for African-American musicians to play that uniquely American music known as Jazz.

"At a time in our American history, when African-American musicians were not allowed to be part of any other jazz establishment, they took it upon themselves to go ahead and come up with their own," says club board of trustees member Linda Lombardo Appleby.

The club moved into its current home on Broadway, at the corner of Michigan Avenue, in 1934.

The week-long CMC Jazz Festival honors musicians past and present and acts as a reunion of sorts for musicians who will always call Buffalo home, no matter where they live.

"Nothing is better than when you can covert someone into a jazz lover," says club president George Scott.

Here is a list of music and the venues that make up the 2017 CMC Jazz Festival:

Monday, July 24th

CMC stage

7PM - George Scott Big Band

Tuesday, July 25th

Larkin Square

5PM Carol McLaughlin Combo

Colored Musicians Club

7PM & 9PM Scott Tixier

Wednesday, July 26th

Fountain Plaza

"Queen City Social"

5PM Jenny May Quartet

6PM Ed Chilungu Trio

7PM Alex McArthur Quintet

Larkin Square

"Live at Larkin!"

5PM Brotha Perry Quartet

6:30PM Buffalo Afrobeat Orchestra

Pausa Art House

7PM & 9 PM Andre Killian Duo

Thursday, July 27th


8:15PM Walter Kemp 3oh!

9th Ward at Babeville

7PM & 9PM Otis Brown III Trio

Friday, July 28th

Colored Musicians Club

7PM & 10PM

"A2Z" featuring Zuri Appleby, Arianna Powell, Rod Bonner and Daniel Powell

Saturday, July 29th

Kids Tent 145 Broadway

Noon - 3PM

various artists performing all afternoon

Albright Knox

8PM The Baylor Project