BUFFALO, NY — A water line break at the Erie County Courthouse over the weekend has caused damage to three floors.

A small hot water line burst on the fourth floor of the building at 25 Delaware Ave., causing damage to eight courtrooms on floors two, three and four, according to Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz.

A release from the NYS Unified Court System says it's possible some of those courtrooms may not be usable again for several weeks.

No cases have been adjourned due to the flooding. Judges' court matters have been relocated to courtrooms that were not in use. Signs will be posted daily by the building's elevators eache day to let attorneys and others know if their assigned courtroom has been changed.

The following Judges have been impacted by the damage:

Pt. 8: Hon. James McLeod

Pt. 9 Hon. Deborah Haendiges

Pt. 13: Hon. M. William Boller

Pt. 14: Hon. Russell Buscaglia

Pt. 18: Hon. John Michalski

Pt. 19: Hon. Christopher Burns

Pt. 23: Hon. Dennis Ward

Pt. 24: Hon. Emilio Colaiacovo

Any questions can be directed to the Erie Supreme and County Court Chief Clerks' office at 845-9301.