BUFFALO, N.Y. - There's a statewide campaign calling for an investment in our water infrastructure. Rebuild NY NOW is calling on leaders to invest and repair systems that handle one of our most vital assets.

Jill Jedlickka of Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper said "the concerns that we continue to have is with our aging infrastructure system, our sewer system, the raw sewage is still discharged into our waterways on a regular basis."

Nearly 95% of New York’s population receives water from the state’s public water supply systems.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo ha proposed spending $2 billion to improve water quality in the Buffalo Niagara region and the rest of New York State.

Newly elected State Senator Chris Jacobs said "we need to make an investment in that critical infrastructure that most people don't see." It is critical, Jedlicka said "New York State as a whole probably has about a $3 billion challenge ahead of it just for infrastructure, and water infrastructure."

The century old water systems are regularly updated...The city Buffalo has invested over $217 million in its water infrastructure, according to Mayor Byron Brown.