BUFFALO, N.Y. - There's a special spot in the Queen City that helps to ensure people don't have to choose between caring for themselves or taking care of their pets if times get tough.

Volunteers have been operating the Pet Food Pantry at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension for the past five years. It's open the first Sunday of each month. People can come in and get dog and cat food, no questions asked.

The group operates solely on donations.

In April, they helped to feed 200 cats and more than 150 dogs.

Some of the volunteers know what it's like to worry about feeding their animals - at one time they got help from the pet food pantry. Now they feel the need to give back.

"It meant a lot for me because I needed food for Chance. I went there, and they welcomed him and me, no problems, then I started volunteering," said volunteer Lydia Davis.

"Having an opportunity to give back, that's what it's really all about," said volunteer Zoe Koston.

The pantry is always in need of volunteers and donations, especially cat food.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.