ORCHARD PARK, NY - A lot of Bills fans have seen this on social media, two videos supposedly shot before Sunday's Bills game, showing fans taking part in dangerous stunts.

One video shows a fan jumping on a table that is on fire, then he catches on fire. The other video, shows another fan slamming a female onto a table, as spectators look on and cheer. It's unclear if she was injured after this incident.

The videos are just the latest in a string of incidents, year after year, of Bills fans misbehaving while tailgating.

Both police and the Bills say it's unclear where or when the videos were taken.

2 On Your Side contacted the Erie County Sheriff's Office, which didn't give us an interview, but a spokesperson told us mounted, ATV and vehicle patrols have been increased over the years in Bills lots to respond to incidents. The sheriff's office didn't say anything about their approach to private lots.

The sheriff's office points out that last year on average there were two or three arrests, per home game, an all-time low.

We also contacted Orchard Park Police, but the chief for the department was not available.

The Bills vice president of communications, Derek Boyko said in a statement:

"We are always disturbed and disappointed to see any videos on social media that display a behavior that we know does not represent the vast majority of our fans. We have and we will continue to work diligently with our law enforcement partners to provide a safe and secure environment for our fans. Our message is clear: unsafe, irresponsible or illegal behavior will not be tolerated by the Buffalo Bills or by each of our law enforcement partners. Fans that engage in these inappropriate activities are not welcome into our stadium.”

There is a debate on social media about these videos, some fans say it's all in good fun, others say these videos make Buffalo look bad. The videos have been reported on by national publications like USA Today and Sports Illustrated.