HAMBURG, NY - There's new information out on the arrest of a group of suspected illegal immigrants in Hamburg. The Border Patrol tells us 23 people in all were detained Monday night.

And now, we're getting a look at new video of the arrest as it took place.

It's still unclear if the suspected illegal immigrants will be charged or deported.

From cell phone video a viewer showed us, taken Monday outside the 7-Eleven on Southwestern Boulevard by Sowles Road in Hamburg, you can see there's a lot of activity in the parking lot, with Border Patrol vehicles and Hamburg Police on scene.

This is where authorities arrested the 23 suspected illegal immigrants. One officer can be seen frisking a man who was being detained. Moments later, vehicles are towed away.

Robert Skimin says he shot this video on his phone.

"We got home at normal time 5 o'clock and all of a sudden looked outside and seen a swarm of what looked like cop cars," he said.

He says some of the suspected illegal immigrants were detained as they came out of 7-Eleven. Officials from Border Patrol say the arrests have nothing to do with the convenience store.

"About 15 minutes later another van would show up they automatically grabbed them take them out of the van put them in the paddywagon, 15 minutes later another van showed up they frisked them, paddywagon," he said.

Matthew Kolken, an immigration law attorney says generally when suspected illegal aliens are taken into custody, they're taken to a federal detention center in Batavia.

"They are entitled to an attorney but not at the expense of the government you are afforded due process protection when you're in an immigration court proceeding which includes counsel but you don't get a free one," Kolken said.

Kolken says they have to pay their way or contact the bar association, which offers free counsel. Border Patrol, which is the lead agency on the investigation, has not released much information since Monday. They haven't answered questions about where they're from, or what they've been doing here.