BUFFALO, N.Y. - Video surveillance has exploded in recent years as a form of personal home security, to the point that it's now a multi-billion dollar industry.

Home surveillance systems have even helped police make arrests in certain cases, including last summer in Niagara Falls, when the police department nabbed a suspect who stole a bike from a front porch.

Ken Jezioro, the president of SHIELD Security Systems in Bowmansville, said both his residential and commercial customers have been flocking to video systems over the past few years. In one case, a commercial customer used the surveillance system to catch a group of people trying to rob the business.

"The technology today is so much better than it was even five years ago," Jezioro said. "People want the smart home stuff, they want their security system integrated with light system, with their thermostats, with their cameras, and they want the app on their phone."

Jezioro, who was a police officer for nearly 30 years, also knows what it's like to be on the other side of a home invasion. In the 1970s, a paperboy burglarized his house.

"Back then, it cost a fortune to put in an alarm system," Jezioro said.

But things have changed.

"The tehcnology is just spectacular today," Jezioro said. "It really is."