WEST SENECA, NY - There are questions about the condition and the safety of a local bridge. Video captured by a 2 On Your Side viewer shows a large piece of debris, likely concrete, falling from Leydecker Road Bridge and landing in Cazenovia Creek.

The video was taken last week.

Hundreds of drivers use this bridge everyday. Our questions, caused a county bridge engineer to visit this bridge today, and check on how safe it is.

REPORTER: That raises questions about the safety of the bridge doesn't it?

"Absolutely yeah, it's one of those things that I'd be alarmed if I'd seen that or anyone else for that matter but on a note to that safety side of it New York state inspects all our bridges," said Bill Geary, the deputy commissioner of Erie County public works.

REPORTER: Is that bridge safe?

"Yes, [we know that] by the design and the inspection reports," Geary said.

The county says the state last inspected the Leydecker Bridge last year and labeled it 'structurally deficient.'

By federal highway standards, that doesn't mean it's unsafe or likely to collapse, but it does have a restriction against anything 15 tons or heavier going across it. The heaviest vehicles that travel on Leydecker are dump trucks and school buses.

To know how much repair or replacement would cost, the county first needs to do $300,000 of design work later this year. The county says this bridge is eligible to get federal funding in 2020, but officials have also applied for state funding.

"Hopefully those funds whichever we can get faster we hope it would be sooner than 2020 if we can replace the entire bridge I think it would be a benefit for everyone," Geary said.

Back in 2011, it was county executive candidate Mark Poloncarz who stood at this same bridge and blasted incumbent Chris Collins' record on bridges. The bridge had problems back then and they still remain.