TOWN OF TONAWANDA, NY -- Kim Vaillancourt's strength and faith during her battle with brain cancer has touched people around the world, and the family just learned some difficult news that they wanted to share with 2 On Your Side in the hopes that viewers will respond with prayers.

WGRZ-TV's Melissa Holmes first introduced viewers to Kim Vaillancourt in February 2016 just after she was first diagnosed with Grade 4 Glioblastoma, a rare and incurable brain cancer. Her diagnosis came just days after adopting 3 children. She and her husband Phil already had two children of her own, and Kim bravely put off treatment to protect the life of her unborn child. Baby Wyatt Eli was born healthy in April 2016 and soon after that Kim started treatment.

On Monday, January 9, 2017, Kim underwent Gamma Knife radiation treatment -- an intense form of radiation- to treat a tumor on the back of brain.The family tells Holmes the surgery went well, but unfortunately an MRI on Monday found the two other existing tumors are growing.

So now, within the next week and half, Kim will have four more Gamma Knife radiation surgeries to fight the growths. That's in addition to her currently undergoing a 6th round of chemotherapy. It's a critical time for Kim's battle against brain cancer.

"Certainly we received some very heartbreaking news. And we're all just trying to digest this. She's fighting and she's going to continue to fight. Kim never asks for anything but right now she's asking for prayers. The WNY community and beyond has just gravitated toward this family and supported them and lifted them up in prayers and now we're just asking that this community that has supported her 13 months ago continue to lift those prayers up for her and her family," said Vaillancourt family friend and spokeswoman Jenna Koch.

And 13 months is exactly the timeline doctors gave Kim as the life expectancy for Grade 4 Glioblastoma.

Kim asks, if you pray, to please pray for healing and strength for her, and for peace and joy for her family.

Click here for a link to the Go Fund Me account.

A benefit account called "Vaillancourt Benefit" has also been established at all Northwest Savings Bank branches.

If you'd like to send a card, or thoughts or well-wishes, please send them to family friend and spokeswoman Jenna Koch at or:

Vaillancourt Family
C/O Jenna Koch
431 Adam St.
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