BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Buffalo Police are continuing to investigate $15,000 worth of equipment stolen from Shakespeare in Delaware Park over the weekend.

Thanks to a local sound company, Shakespeare in the Park was rescued Sunday night and the cast still performed for almost a thousand people.

The production will continue this summer with rented equipment, but they're working closely with police to catch whoever stole the equipment.

Police say someone broke through a secured window door late Saturday night and took the equipment.

The Managing Director of Shakespeare in the Park, Lisa Ludwig, says fingerprints are being identified, and they are working with police to monitor social media and sites where the vandals might be trying to sell the equipment. Buffalo Police also said on Monday that they will review any security footage from the area.

But for now, Shakespeare in the Park made the best of the situation in their show Sunday evening. The rest of the summer's performances are scheduled to go on as planned.

"Luckily, the equipment that was taken, we were able to bring some rental things in, so hopefully the audience wasn't even aware," Ludwig said. "And the actors adapted really well to the new equipment that they were dealing with."

This is the 42nd year of the free shows in Delaware Park. Around 40,000 attend the productions each summer.

Buffalo Police are asking anyone with information on the incident to call or text the Buffalo Police Confidential TIPCALL Line at 716-847-2255.