BUFFALO, N.Y. - In 2017, Women and Children's Hospital will move from its current location on Bryant Street in the Elmwood Village to a new home on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

Tuesday night, the final holiday tree lighting ceremony took place outside the hospital's current location. We asked if plans for the site's redevelopment are still on track. Ciminelli Real Estate was chosen to redevelop the site. The Queens Light Project will transform the seven buildings on the Bryant Street campus into a mixed-use space including a soccer park.

"The Ciminelli Real Estate project Queens Light is scheduled to begin literally the moment we move out next November. We have already have been working with them to see what they can get done before we move," said Michael Hughes, a spokesperson for Kaleida Health.

The first phase of moving outpatient clinics to the two new buildings on the Medical Campus begins January 3, 2017. The second phase is scheduled for the spring and the third for the fall. Next November, the big move of 50 to 70 patients in a caravan of ambulances to the Medical Campus will happen.

The moment that big move happens, Hughes says Ciminelli Real Estate will start the bulk of its construction on its Queens Light project.

"There is going to be some vacant space around the campus, so what type of construction, remodeling, demolition, remediation can they get done before we move? We want to make sure that this is a seamless transition," said Hughes.

The Queens Light plans also call for residential and retail space. There will also be a hotel on the site and a school, and parking. The project also involves making the buildings look more contemporary. Some of them will come down to make room for more green space.

Women and Children’s Hospital has a website for patients and their families that details all of the information they need to know about the changes that are coming in 2017.