Buffalo, NY - It appears just about all the school districts in Western New York are taking their cue from Governor Cuomo's state of emergency and cancelling classes for Tuesday.

For school superintendents in general this has been a somewhat strange weather year. For one thing they have not used many snow days as we approach the start of the spring season in about seven days from now.

And also those traditional snow days have been sometimes used for other types of emergencies.

For many school superintendents, the hours before a weather event really add up as they watch and wait before deciding. Lockport School Supt. Michelle Bradley says: "Actually it's a long day. A late night. And an early morning. All day long I've been monitoring the weather forecasts with the predictions that are being made for this region."

Traditionally districts allocate three to five days for weather cancelations out of the mandated school year.

Some southtowns districts in particular did use some snow-days earlier with lake effect events in December and early January.

Early dismissals are another issue all together with the concern that parents may not be home for the kids and the fact that buses can perhaps only transport about a third of a district's students at a particular time.

Open or close decisions must also factor in students who actually walk to and from school.

Now there have been some other school calendar curveballs this year. For example, Frontier canceled classes for a day in November because of the Lackawanna Steel plant fire. And just last week Lockport closed for another weather reason as Bradley explains: "Up until last week we had not used any of those five days until Thursday and Friday of last week due to the windstorm.

That's because two Lockport schools lost power and there were many power lines down.

The city of Buffalo School District is also closed for Tuesday as it follows along with the Governor's emergency order. A District spokeswoman says this would be the first snow day the city schools have used for this school year.

UB, Buffalo State, ECC, and other SUNY campuses have also canceled classes for Tuesday in line with the state emergency declaration.