BUFFALO, NY - In the dark of night, it is said a small, centuries-old graveyard in the Town of Wales is visited by beings of many realms. From the spirit of a young child to the ghost of a woman, said to be murdered and dismembered by a local doctor.

In any case, Goodleburg Cemetery in the Town of Wales is said to be among the most haunted graveyards in the country.

Some believe it is protected by demonic K-9's known as hellhounds. People who have been reporting horse-sized hounds, with glowing eyes and sheeny, vinyl-like coats. Sometimes they say the glowing eyes are a color like a green or a red.

Local historian Mason Winfield says that many cultures around the world have legends about such beasts. Some believe it to be the gatekeeper to the land of the dead, sometimes they are believed to be a messenger of the devil himself.

These apparitions are often associated with graveyards, like Goodleburg. It is a cemetery which was active from 1811 to 1927, the final resting place for many of the original settlers of the town. While Winfield says there have been reported sightings, he questions the legitimacy of many of them. He points out that for decades this location has been a popular party spot among teenagers. Many of these reports may have been inspired by other influences consumed by the partiers.

But for those who believe in the afterworld, such partying could be something that stirs the spirits, Winfield points out that burial grounds of all kinds are places to be respected, places for eternal rest, not places to be disturbed by partying or worse. There have been cases of vandalism in Goodleburg, even holes dug. If you are of the mind that believes in spirits and ghosts, it would make sense that Goodleburg would be visited by a variety of entities, there to warn or protect the sacred ground.