BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Athletes at the University at Buffalo are not giving up their fight to save sports that the school is cutting. 

In April, UB announced it would be cutting four of its intercollegiate sports programs after the 2017 season: men's baseball, men's soccer, men's swimming and diving and women's rowing. 

Several swimmers and divers held a "sit-in" outside the office of UB president Satish Tripathi Monday protesting the move. 

They want Tripathi to meet with a group of alumni who have been donating for years and say the school knew cuts were coming for six years now. 

"That just seems absolutely crazy, that for six years they were accepting donations on behalf of our alumni without giving any indication of this program being cut," said UB senior swimmer Reid Zyniecki. "If we could have re-allocated those resources toward an endowment for the program, we might not be here today."

One alum, Richard Lydecker, is demanding $15,000 dollars back that he donated, and he is threatening to sue. 

Two athletes did meet with Tripathi Monday, who agreed to meet with the alumni group. No date has been set yet for this meeting.