BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Two face charges after an incident became physical at Erie County Family Court Wednesday morning, said a New York State United Court System spokesperson. 

The incident started during a court appearance for Buffalo mom, Kiarre Harris, who was charged and separated from her kids, she claims, after she chose to home school them. Buffalo Public School District officials have said Harris had problems with Child Protective Services (CPS) before she started to homeschool the children.

Outside the courtroom Wednesday,  Demone Henderson was passing out green shirts that read,"Hands off Harris Children." 

Henderson was then approached by a court officer primarily because he was wanted on an outstanding warrant, said Lucian Chalfen, Director of Public Information for the New York State United Court System. 

Chalfen then said Henderson did not cooperate and a physical confrontation broke out. At some point during the confrontation, the officer used pepper spray to subdue him.

Kiarre Harris also became involved and put her hands on a court officer, Chalfen said.  

Henderson was charged with Obstructing Government Administration and Chalfen said Harris will likely face the same charge.