REDMOND, Wash. - At the Muslim Association of Puget Sound, conversations on Friday night centered around a federal judge in Seattle granting a temporary retraining order against the travel ban.

Families impacted by the immigration orders met with lawyers during the evening event. Organizers say they have heard from people who are separated from loved ones because of the Executive Order.

"It really is an order that impacts all of us in a detrimental way. It does not give us safety or security. In fact, what it is is religious bigotry," said Aneelah Afzali, Executive Director of MAPS American Muslim Empowerment Network.

At MAPS, many viewed the Judge's decision as a victory.

"It was an amazing decision. We hope that it is going to be implemented and it's going to be executed. All I can say is we will find out in the next few days," said Jasmin Samy, a Civil Rights Manager with CAIR-WA,

Bruno Kelpsas disagrees with the lawsuit filed by Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

"The President of the United States, when he swears an oath to the country, it is to protect the borders of this nation," said Kelpsas. "My concern here with the Attorney General taking on this type of action, he has now created a Pandora's Box. We now are seeing that anybody can come into the country, they can make a demand and say that their Constitutional right is being abused when they are not even a citizen of this country."