BUFFALO, N.Y. -- After a bicyclist was seriously injured Tuesday in a hit and run, Town of Tonawanda Police are asking for the public's help gathering information about the incident.

It happened at about 5:20 p.m. around the 500 block of Creekside Drive, police say.

The bicyclist was traveling on Creekside Drive with another bicyclist when he was struck from behind by a vehicle.

A person who saw the incident said the vehicle appeared to be a Silver SUV, possibly a newer foreign model, and it continued eastbound on Creekside Drive after hitting the bicyclist and causing severe injuries.

Police say they believe the vehicle may have been damaged in the accident on the front passenger side and/or the front passenger side fender.

Those with information are asked to call 716-879-6613 or the Confidential TipCall Line at 716-879-6606.