BUFFALO, NY — When a viewer wrote us about traffic congestion on the thruway, 2 On Your Side's Emily Lampa went to get answers.

The increased traffic flow is not just because school is back in session, it appears there are a number of factors contributing to a longer commute lately.

William McMullen has been working Western New York roadways as a tractor trailer and tow truck driver for more than 25 years.

"The traffic has more than doubled - if not tripled over the past 10 years I would say," McMullen said.

Channel 2's in house traffic expert Dave Cash believes the seasonal component of congestion.

But he, like William, thinks the most recent traffic is more than that.

For one, there's construction.

"this morning, in particular, there were two construction vehicles on the left shoulder of the 90 east across from the Galleria mall. It absolutely added to how slow traffic was. They were there for only a short period of time, but enough to where traffic was slowing because of that," Cash said.

The Thruway Authority website shows there are more than 70 construction projects currently underway on the 90 between Westfield and Albany.

The Thruway Authority tells 2 On Your Side that construction occurs overnight and avoids peak drive times.
But according to McMullen who is out there on the roads.

"The construction is still there. I mean, the barrels are still set up. The cones are still set up. It does interfere with some of the driving," McMullen said.

Cash says that increased congestion may not always be a bad thing.

He says he has noticed more people adhering to the move over law that aims to protect emergency responders and service vehicles by requiring motorists to change lanes to give the necessary clearance.