BUFFALO, N.Y. -- It is called the Great Race, and it is billed as the World's Premier Old Car Rally.
It is a spectacle which pits racers driving pre-World-War 2 automobiles between points a and b. For example, this year's race runs from Jacksonville, Florida, up to Traverse City Michigan.
Monday, race officials came to Buffalo to talk about next year, rather than this.
In 2018, the race will get the green flag in Buffalo, the start of a 9-Day, 2,300 mile competition that will feature 500 participants, all trying to be the first one to reach Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Monday's announcement was made here at the Pierce Arrow Museum, a fitting place, seeing as the original Great Race has some very strong ties to the Queen City.

In fact the car that won that first great race, was built right over on Niagara Street, the old Thomas Flyer Factory is now part of the Rich Product campus.