BUFFALO, N.Y. -- UberEATS launched in Western New York Tuesday morning joining Skip the Dishes and Grubhub. They are food delivery apps that partner with restaurants that might not otherwise offer delivery services.

2 On Your Side’s Kelly Dudzik put the three restaurant delivery apps to the test Tuesday night to see which is the cheapest and which is the fastest.

While you’d most likely be using the apps, for our story, we used a desktop computer so it would be easier to see the screen on TV.

We chose to order from Tappo, which is one of the only restaurants using all three services.

Grubhub’s order had an estimated delivery time of 50 to 60 minutes. On Skip the Dishes, the delivery time was estimated to be 30 to 50 minutes. UberEATS estimated the wait at only 10 to 20 minutes.

We ordered the same meatball sub from all three websites for $11.50. Menu prices are what you'd pay at the restaurants.

The UberEATS driver was sent to Niagara Square because we entered "Buffalo, NY" when we ordered on the web. In order to update our address, the directions on the UberEATS website said to contact the driver as soon as one was assigned. So, as soon as a driver was assigned, we sent him a text to give him our address.

The first meal to show up was from Skip the Dishes.

Then we gave the UberEATS driver a call to make sure he had the correct address.

A few minutes later, our sub from Grubhub arrived.

After 50 minutes, four attempts to contact the driver, and one notification saying the driver tried calling us, UberEATS cancelled on us.

But, we had two subs to enjoy.

2 On Your Side Producer Liz Fuhrmann checked out the quality.

"This is Skip the Dishes, I would say this is hotter," she said.

Skip the Dishes had the fastest delivery at 32 minutes. This was within the original window of 30 to 50 minutes. We paid $11.50 for the sub, a $2.99 delivery fee, $1.27 in sales tax, and added a $2.00 tip. The total cost was $17.76.

Grubhub got to the station in 44 minutes, which was faster than expected. Everything cost the same as Skip the Dishes.

UberEATS did not charge us for the cancelled order, but it would have charged us only $1.01 in sales tax, and the service has a $5.99 booking fee. It also didn't give us a tip option when we ordered. The total would have been $18.50, plus tip.

Since it's UberEATS' first day, we gave the company a second chance and ordered again just after 8 p.m. This time, the food got to the station in just 19 minutes.

UberEATS says if you need to update your address or have questions about your delivery, contact the driver, not the restaurant.