BUFFALO, N.Y. — The family of a Buffalo teenager caught in the crossfire is talking about the shocking shooting tonight.

Lexi Behan, 13, was hit by a stray bullet at Grant and Breckenridge late Thursday night in Buffalo. Buffalo Police say it was gang-related violence and she was caught in the crossfire. Lexi's brother, Gabe Karpati, says his sister has a tough road ahead of her. She's still at Women and Children's Hospital and has an infection.

Gabe says the bullet is still inside of Lexi, and doctors and the family are deciding whether it's the best option to remove it because it's close to an artery. She's sedated right now as she heals.

Gabe also told us the bullet went through Lexi's lung.

"It just missed everything. It went through the lungs, there is a tear on the esophagus, it is a large tear. They can't really see it when they did the four hour exploratory. So they're going to let it scar up a little bit," says Gabe. "She needs to get better. She needs to pull through this. We need to get the bullet out. I'm hoping we can do that and not just leave it in there."

Gabe is the oldest of seven children.

"She does know what happened from what I heard of the conversation. She wants to go home. She woke up, she had a conversation, and she does want to go home," says Gabe.

Lexi lives with her mom and two of her sisters. Gabe is trying to find a new place for them to live so they don't have to stay where the shooting happened.

"I just want to move the family immediately. I don't want to wait around for anything. I don't want them going back to that house," says Gabe. "We've heard gunshots. It's a very bad neighborhood. My mom didn't know that at the time moving in, but it's all she can afford."

Police have not made any arrests in this case.