BUFFALO, N.Y. – Buffalo State hosted its 37th annual “Take Back The Night” event.
The event is part of an international effort in raising awareness with the mission of ending sexual, relationship and domestic violence. 
Those who wished to share their personal stories about their experiences did so in the form of dance, song, testimonial and poetry Monday. 
Co-Slam Director of Pure Ink Poetry, Bianca McGraw, not only shared her story on stage but she says events like these not only empower her, but they give everyone a chance to share their own stories and relate with others. 
“As I was doing more poetry, the idea of performing it at events and people coming up who were saying they had similar experience and shared this experience or story, I feel more empowered in sharing my story and I think it’s a great time that we get to have platforms to have places where people can feel comfortable with sharing their stories.”  
McGraw says she hopes everyone tells their stories but says it’s okay if you might be uncomfortable in opening up about your experience. 
“Sometimes we are exposed to limitations we weren’t aware of. So, certain events you will be triggered, if you’re comfortable with that, and if you’re not, that’s okay as well. But, there are resources for that, so always feel free to reach out to a friend or seek any counseling resources that you may need.”
“Take Back The Night” event coincides with April’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month. McGraw urges anyone interested in sharing their stories via open mic or slam poetry to join Pure Ink Poetry. More information can be found at http://www.pureinkpoetry.com/.