A recent solar flare caused quite a buzz online over the last few days, and tonight energy from that same event will create a buzz in Earth's outer atmosphere in the form of a spectacular display of colorful light.

The Aurora Borealis, more commonly referred to as the Northern Lights, is really a common phenomenon but it's usually only visible at high latitudes during the winter months. It takes a particularly intense wave of electrical energy from the sun to be able to see the aurora here in Western New York.

Sunday night's event could be strong enough, but weather may get in the way. Scattered thunderstorms overnight may cloud our view. The aurora will be very active throughout the night, so if the clouds do give way at some point, look for faint flashes of green on the northern edge of the horizon.

Weather aside, the best viewing conditions will be in more remote areas with little light pollution. Regions with higher elevation may also have a boost when it comes to catching a glimpse of this "rare-to-us" display.