LOCKPORT, NY-- Police and firefighters are investigating a suspicious fire in Lockport this morning.

Officers and firefighters were called to 111 Cottage Street around 6:30am for a report of fire. Officers arrived and evacuated residents and then put out the fire.

A resident living in the building, Jimmy Anderson, did not make it out. The cause of death has not been released pending an autopsy.

There's no word on what caused the fire.

Family of Anderson say for the past several days they've had questions about his whereabouts. And, for Thanksigiving, his cousin says his family couldn't find him.

"Everyone was calling his cell phone, but he didn't answer and they thought something was wrong because he always answered his cell phone," said Dougie Johnson, "yesterday night he wasn't there and nobody knew where he was at until this morning."

A brother of Anderson's tells 2 On Your Side, he met with police, and investigators showed him a picture of his brother.

"The reason we showed him a picture was for identification purposes we're not going to comment on the cause because we don't have a cause of death at this point," said Det. Lt. Todd Chenez.

A neighbor tells 2 On Your Side, she saw a vehicle speed away from the home early Friday morning.

"We've got a lot of statements that we're going to have to be going through and reading and sifting through to try to put this thing together so I did hear that but we're going to have to look into that," Chenez said.

As police investigate, Anderson's family has questions. His family tells us he was a diabetic.

"A whole bunch of questions, somebody need to answer the questions," Dougie Anderson said.

An autopsy is being done by the Erie County Medical Examiner's office.