LANCASTER, NY — A Lancaster woman says an attempted break-in to her house was thwarted and now she wants those people responsible to be found and held accountable.

"I was frightened," she said.

The woman who spoke to us does not want her face shown or her name released, however she does say we can report the attempted burglary happened in the Town of Lancaster, early Saturday morning, just after midnight.

"It started with a sound of tapping," she said, which woke her up and caused her dog to start barking.

"I decided to get up and go and check to see what was happening, so my husband jumped up right away and he decided he would go check," she said.

And, because she has more than 20 years of experience in law enforcement, she brought her gun.

REPORTER: For protection, for the possibility of what could happen?

"Correct," she said.

And, when she and her husband got to the door there was nothing.

"I have cameras in my home and I opened up an app on my cell phone to see, just to make sure that my gut feeling was right or wrong," she said.

And, this is what she found, two males walking up to her front porch. The person on the left, wearing a baseball cap and what appears to be a surgical mask and appears to signal to a third person.

"They're looking into my windows, peering into my house," she said.

REPORTER: Any idea who those boys may be?

"I don't know who the boys are," she said.

REPORTER: So it looks like presumably they ran away?

"Yes," she responded.

She says she filed a report with Lancaster Police and showed them with this video.

REPORTER: What did they say?

"Lancaster police told me an actual crime hadn't been committed yet but they promised to step up patrols in my neighborhood and I have seen more police cars coming up and down the street," she said.

Phone calls to Lancaster Police have not been returned.

REPORTER: What would be your message to other homeowners to other people out there?

"I think it's important for people to pay attention, be vigilant, know who your neighbors are," she said.

She says she did alert her neighbors to be on the look out for anyone suspicious.

If we get an update on this story from Lancaster Police, 2 On Your Side will pass it along.