BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The University at Buffalo made sweeping cuts of many of its sports programs this week. 

These sports include men's soccer, swimming and diving, and women's rowing. 

The cuts impact 120 student athletes and will save the school $2 million dollars. 

U.B.'s football program was spared. 

We talked with the university's athletic director, who told us he really had no choice than to cut individual programs. 

"Reducing sports I would say is not the only option," said UB's Athletic Director Allen Green.  "The other options we looked at were to just de-fund our sports, meaning you drop scholarships, you reduce coaching staff. Those are the types of things that you don't want to do because you want to be competitive. It's just a really sad time to deal with these student athletes."

A group of UB student athletes shared how they feel about the cuts Tuesday evening. 

"It caught us by surprise," said Andrew Cole-Goins, an athlete and team captain on UB's swim and dive team that has been cut. "You know, we thought we had a very strong program here, a very strong athletic department, and it just kinda caught us by surprise." 

Another UB swimmer agreed. 

"Didn't see it coming," said Nicholas Hooper. "Had no indication of the program...that it would be cut." 

Hooper went further with how unexpected it seems to the team to have their sport cut, even based on recent events. 

"The university has been great in supporting us the whole year," Hooper said. "We just had a recruiting trip last weekend that went great. We were really looking forward to next season." 

Another swimmer, Reid Zyniecki, expressed his disappointment. 

"The alumni of the program have been so great to us. I think I can speak for the three of us in saying that we really looked forward...you know coming back and giving back to the program," he said. "And kinda creating that atmosphere that they set us up to succeed so well both athletically and academically. And it just stinks you know. We never had any like inclination that this was coming."

Matt Rivera, UB's Student Association President, also provided a reaction to the university's recent decision to end multiple sporting programs. 

"As far as the image goes for the university...it's not great," he said. "We're letting go of students who have dedicated, maybe moved from as far as from California, just to be here for sports or to create their new career and create new lives for themselves. They moved here, they created family, they've created friends. They don't have that anymore. Now it's gone."

Another member of the UB swim team, who would prefer to remain anonymous, submitted a letter with more details on how feelings about the program being cut. You can read the full letter below. 

Letter from UB student on recently-cut Men's Swim and Dive Team by WGRZ-TV on Scribd