BUFFALO, N.Y. – Local high school students are coming together to show their support in minimizing the use plastic bags. 
Students from the Erie 1 BOCES Zoo Wildlife and Conservation Careers Program were given the task of producing a video highlighting the negative impacts plastic bags have on the environment. 
Among supporters in attendance was Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz. Poloncarz has been an advocate for the ban of plastic bags in supermarkets in Erie County. 
“Since we announced the single use bag ban proposal last year, we’ve had tremendous support from our young. They understand it, they’re the ones that are going to be receiving this planet when we turn it over to them when they’re the adults.” 
Poloncarz attempted to put a single use bag ban on the county last year, but the idea was shut down by the county legislature. He continues to remain optimistic that a ban will get in the future. 
“Whether we did not get the single use plastic bag ban done last year, we are still advocating for it and even if it doesn’t get done this year, I feel confident it’s going to get done soon enough with leaders like these advocating for it.”
The students, all high school seniors, are interested in exploring a career in the many areas related to wildlife conservation and zoo management.