WEST SENECA, N.Y.-- Many West Seneca parents are upset this morning after dozens of students didn't get home until early Friday morning.

Several school buses got stuck in the tricky afternoon commute and the roads were so bad that parents could not get to school to pick up their kids.

Kids were stuck at West and Allendale Elementary schools. Some of the kids we talked to said they had fun: they were fed, played games, and watched movies.

A few parents questioned why school wasn't let out earlier in anticipation of the weather and rough commute.

The superintendent said early dismissals are tough because they don't want to send kids home without parents there. He said it was the amount of snow and the timing that caused a huge headache. He said they were expecting a rough commute but not that bad.

Many parents we heard from said they were nervous but were thankful for the teachers.

"The school staff at Allendale handled it very well," said Jillian Young. "The teacher contacted me and put my daughter on the phone. Assured me that they were safe. She was happy. She was with her friends and her teachers. I was nervous thinking she was stuck on the bus outside in the cold. I was relieved when she was at the school safe."

The last of the kids stuck at Allendale left around 3:00 Friday morning.

West Seneca Schools are closed on Friday.